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A Cat has been FOUND in French Creek !

Leonie MckinlayForm key: 7891
Submitted on Monday, May 7, 2018 - 20:37

Finder's Name: Leonie Mckinlay
Contact Info: 250-228-3739
Date Found: Wed, 05/02/2018
Pet Species: Cat
City: French Creek
Location: Near Oceanside Elementary School
Pet Sex: Unknown
Collar or Tag Info: No collar or tag
Additional Info: This cat is actually stuck on our roof - we thought he was just visiting in the night initially but is now apparent that he is stuck and has been up there for at least 4-5 days. Have tried luring him into the house through the window, down onto a ladder, and into a carrier with food but no luck. Extremely scared and wont let anyone get near enough to grab him. Hoping the owner can be found and can coax him down. Appears well cared for.

Poster NotificationA poster has been produced for this found pet!
It can be downloaded here:

Comment from Facebook😿
Comment from Facebookhave a cat trap to lend if needed
Comment from FacebookPlease contact the finder if able to assist.
Comment from FacebookMy little Igor home at last
Comment from FacebookSounds like he had quite an adventure Tim. Happy he's home!
Comment from Facebook***CLOSE ***
Comment from FacebookThank you for helping Igor! He has a really special relationship with his owner.
Comment from FacebookThanks for being there AARF,and a big Thankyou to the incredible people who found him and cared for him😸
Comment from FacebookAwww thanks Kin that was sweet of you to say 😺