Lost Pet

You can also E-mail a report to lost@aarf.ca
To report a pet you have found, go to http://www.aarf.ca/found

Your name will appear on generated posters.
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This information will be shared with the public. This can be E-mail, phone number, or both.
As specific a location as you can give us please. This will help us co-ordinate a search in a more focussed area.
Was the animal wearing a collar or tags? This can be extremely helpful when spotting from a vehicle. For collar, please indicate a colour.
Please use a photo that highlights your lost pet as much as possible, without a lot of background visuals. This image will be posted to facebook, and posters will be automatically generated for downloading/printing.
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Please include any other information here that might be helpful for the searchers, such as temperament, last time the animal ate, special handling requirements distinguishing markings, direction of travel, approximate time last seen.
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